Opportunity Labs Pte. Ltd. Wallet Terms of Service

As part of this agreement, Opportunity Labs Pte. Ltd. may obtain specific payment services including collecting, holding, disbursing, or remitting funds domestically or internationally via Rapyd Holdings Pte Ltd, a company incorporated in Singapore (hereinafter referred to as “Rapyd”) and regulated as a Major Payment Institution (MPI) by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). You agree and accept the terms of use for any payment related services provided by Rapyd including the integration of Rapyd’s services with Opportunity Labs Pte. Ltd., their separate contractual relationship, andthe respective and relevant Terms of Rapyd, including but not limited to Rapyd’s Network Rules and Privacy Policy, located here:

Network Rules: https://www.rapyd.net/networkrules
Rapyd Privacy Policy: https://www.rapyd.net/privacypolicy

Opportunity Labs Pte. Ltd. will provide on your behalf upon request such information regarding identity, financial, and business affairs, as may reasonably be required for Rapyd to provide the service(s) in a prudent, legal, and compliant manner.
You accept that these Terms constitute a legal, valid, and binding agreement between you and Rapyd within the framework of the contractual relationship between you and Opportunity Labs Pte. Ltd.